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Being intentional. Being future-focused, while acknowledging current realities. Sustainable Investment Partners LLC (SIP) empowers clients to reach their investment goals with confidence.  

Institutional Services:

Non-profits, foundations, and endowments find dedicated support for their investment journeys here. Crafting Investment Policy Statements and customized strategies, each solution aligns with unique goals, risk tolerance, and timelines.. Read more about Institutional Services here.


Wealth Services:

Personalized strategies align with individual and family goals and values. With a focus on creating a smooth path to financial success, pursue financial dreams with confidence.  Read more about Wealth Services here


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  • Expert Guidance: Founded by Anu Rames, an investment professional with two decades of investment expertise
  • Customized Investment Strategies: Tailored to meet client goals, risk tolerance, and timeframes.
  • Commitment to Client Values: Bespoke solutions integrating client values
  • Focus on the Long-Term: Focused on  long-term financial growth.

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Investment Strategies for Current Market Realities 

The first quarter of 2024 mirrored the trends seen in 2023, with a notable upswing in the US stock market and a corresponding decline in inflation concerns. However, despite the recent market rally amid decreasing inflation, lingering macroeconomic uncertainties continue to challenge equities. Amidst the possibility of intermittent inflation risks, it’s crucial to adopt a cautious yet proactive investment approach, as inflationary environments can lead to concurrent losses in both stocks and bonds, as observed in 2022. In navigating these dynamics, a prudent investment strategy must prioritize delivering positive long-term returns while ensuring resilience during market downturns to protect portfolios from erosion. Read more here…


A painting of Brumhadino depicting the aftermath of a mining dam tailing disaster in Minas Gerais , Brazil, highlighting its devastating impact on both human life and the environment. In the foreground, children with vulture-like faces symbolize the duality of humanity, representing the potential for innovation and progress as well as the propensity for greed and destruction. In the background, the logo of the company responsible for the disaster serves as a stark reminder of corporate accountability amidst environmental crises

Global Events vs. Local Consumption 

Often times, events occurring beyond national borders might seem unrelated to local interests at first glance. However, delving deeper into specific incidents allows us to uncover the connections. Take, for example, the global iron ore market. Iron ore plays a vital role in steel production, which is essential for constructing infrastructure, transportation systems, and machinery. Australia and Brazil, as major suppliers, account for over 70% of the world’s seaborne iron ore trade. Steel is the backbone of various industries, from household appliances to defense systems, shaping the foundation of modern society and its economic well-being.  The evocative artwork “Brumadinho,” crafted by artist Fornasaro, powerfully portrays the impact of a devastating iron-ore mining incident in 2019.  Read more here…

Profitability vs. Sustainability

In the pursuit of a better world, we believe that financial success is not merely desirable but absolutely essential for a company to scale its impact, both in the present and for the future. While sustainability often conjures images of environmental responsibility and ethical commitment, we firmly assert that without a firm financial foundation, even the noblest endeavors can falter. Hence, we actively seek out organizations that exist at the crossroads of financial viability and sustainable solutions. Read More here..

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Anu Rames, Managing Principal & Founderis a seasoned investor with two decades of investing expertise. Having worked at renowned global asset managers and Fortune 500 asset owners like BNP Paribas Asset Management, Liberty Mutual Investments, and Boston Trust Walden, Anu excels in partnering with investment committees of endowments/foundations, as well as sustainability-focused family offices and individuals, helping align their investment portfolios with their guiding principles. From 2017-19, she served as a member of  the Investment Committee of the Liberty Mutual 401k Plan, representing over 72,000 plan participants.   


Anu Rames holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Babson College in MA, USA. Prior to her MBA, she completed a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering with a concentration in Power Systems at Calicut University, India 






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