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Sustainable Investment Partners LLC specializes in guiding endowments, foundations, family offices, and high-net-worth investors towards their investment goals. At the core of the philosophy lie two fundamental principles of diversification and long-term compounding. For clients prioritizing sustainability, customized options are available.


Anu Rames, Managing Principal & Founder,  is a seasoned investor with nearly two decades of investing expertise in portfolio management, securities research, asset allocation, and ESG/Impact approaches. 

Anu has managed over $5 billion in US and international portfolios during her tenure at renowned global asset managers and Fortune 500 asset owners such as BNP Paribas Asset Management, Liberty Mutual Investments, Boston Trust Walden & Essex Investments. Having allocated over $1 billion across US, EM-Asia, European, and Japanese managers, Anu excels in partnering with endowments, foundations, RIAs, and sustainability-focused organizations to align investments with their guiding principles.

Anu Rames holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Babson College in MA, USA. Prior to her MBA, she completed a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering with a concentration in Power Systems at Calicut University, India.




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