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Interested in Personal Wealth Services? Information for individuals, families, and family offices.

Sustainable Investment Partners LLC (SIP), as a Registered Investment Advisor in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, provides financial planning, investment management and asset allocation services to individuals and families.

Financial Planning: SIP provides tailored financial planning services for individuals and families through a fixed fee structure. Clients benefit from customized strategies, with precise recommendations and self-management guidance.

Tailored Investment Plans: For clients who require investment management services, personalized strategies can incorporate customized recommendations to align with your financial goals and values or reflecting principles important to you

Independence and Autonomy: SIP is an independent Investment Advisor, registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusettes. Charles Schwab serves as the client custodian, for safeguarding of funds. SIP is not affiliated with Charles Schwab in anyway and the firm guarantees impartial advice and recommendation for all clients.

  • Transparent Fee Structure: SIP’s fee structure operates on a sliding scale, decreasing as assets grow. Select from either a fixed fee for one-time financial planning or a quarterly management fee for investment management services.

SIP is a Fiduciary: As your dedicated independent investment advisor, SIP prioritizes transparency and choice, valuing your unique preferences in every aspect of our collaboration. Operating as a fiduciary firm, SIP’s unwavering commitment is to prioritize your best interests above all else. Whether you’re seeking tailored financial planning or comprehensive investment management services, you can trust in the firms dedication to providing personalized solutions that align with your goals and values.

Curious about how it all works?  In Wealth Advisory Services, the initial step always involves understanding client requirements and objectives, then customizing a financial blueprint for both immediate and future purposes.  SIP can facilitate the opening of your investment accounts at Charles Schwab, including IRAs and taxable accounts. Charles Schwab manages statements, tax reporting, and performance monitoring, while SIP oversees investment decisions within your account(s). Kindly note that SIP will NOT have access to moving cash in or out of your accounts OR any authority to issue checks on your behalf. Regular reviews are scheduled based on your preferences, and SIP provides continuous support and address any questions or concerns during meetings.

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